Church Renovation

Renewing and Restoring the House of God – Building Our Future Begins Today!

We have entered a very exciting time in the life of our parish. The Restoration and Renovation Committee have been working very hard to present to the Parish designs that will enhance our Worship space.  As you know we presented 5 designs for the Parishes consideration. It was an exciting discussion and after 322 votes we took the top 3 designs and created a “hybrid” where we have included the top design, suggestions and comments that were given to us.  We are still continuing in discussions of the materials that will be used and will keep you informed.

Reredos and Narthex April 2014

Designs for the reredos and tabernacle (top) and a view of the narthex wall from the nave of the church (bottom).

"Overhead" view of proposed floor plan.

“Overhead” view of proposed floor plan.

After completing two years of the campaign our pledges to date are $1,195,023.00.

  • Total amount paid to date is $925,125.00.
  • Our target is to have all pledges completed by December 31, 2014.

Payments are due as follows:

  • Monthly payments are due on/before March 31, 2014
  • First Quarter Payment for 2014 is due on/ before March 31, 2014 Annual/Final Payments are due December 31, 2014

Credit Cards Payments continue to be processed the last day of each month. If your credit card expiration date is soon we will be contacting you or kindly email with the updated information. If you have any questions, kindly leave a message at the parish office or email We are extremely appreciative of your generosity and your continued efforts to satisfy your pledged amount. Thank you!! Thank you for your generous pledge. Just as a reminder, all payments can be mailed to the parish office or dropped in the collection basket on Sundays.

    • Monthly payments are due on or before the last day of the month.
    • Credit Card payments are processed the last day of each month.
    •  If you would like to participate in the Campaign there is still time to enroll!! If you have any questions, please leave your name and contact information at the Parish Office or email stbonifacefinance@gmail.

Thank you,  The Campaign Committee Next Page:  Renewing and Restoring the House of God by Carol Griffin Gold Coast Gazette January 12, 2012

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