Easing of Covid Procedures

As the Covid crisis eases, we are gradually returning to normal practices at our liturgies as health and safety concerns allow.

Updates as of May 23, 2021

  • Daily Mass is celebrated at 8 am Monday through Friday.
  • Sunday Mass: Saturday at 5 PM; Sunday at 9:00 AM 10:30 AM and 12 Noon.

  • Notes:
    a. We continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
    b. The sick or vulnerable due to age or health conditions are encouraged to remain at home. Those unable to attend in person may view our Streamed Masses (see below).

  • Confessions:
    Beginning Saturday, June 5, 2021, Confessions will no longer be heard in the Parish Center.   They will return to the traditional Confessional at the front of the Church.

  • Parish Office: Office hours have returned to their normal schedule: Monday to Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM and Friday from 9 AM to 1:30 PM

Mass Procedures:

  1. Masks: For everyone’s safety masks are encouraged and recommended.  Priests and Ministers will continue hand sanitizing and wearing masks for the distribution of Holy Communion.  
  2. Entry and exit are now permitted via all doors.
  3. Pew and seat restrictions have been removed.
  4. To receive Holy Communion, communicants should come forward, socially distanced, and masked (please remove your mask before you receive). Once you respond “Amen”, you should step aside and consume the host.
    Note: The directional arrows have been removed. At Sunday Mass, please come forward via the center or far outside aisles, and return only via the other two side aisles.

Masses Streamed Online

Sunday Mass at 10:30 AM, Daily Mass at 8:00 AM, and other selected liturgies may be viewed live or recorded online as follows:

  1. St. Boniface Martyr Facebook Page
  2. Free Online Church 
  3. St. Boniface Website

Please consider donating to Project Faith Stream to support our live-streaming! To donate: Click here.


  1. Vincent LaManna says

    I want to thank the parish for their continued prayers for my sons Vincent and Ignazio LaManna who have completed their military service. While Ignazio remains available for recall for another 3 years should a conflict occur, neither is active duty anymore. Pls continue to pray for our all of soldiers safety and well being, but you may remove Vinny jr and Iggy’s names from the “pray for our military” list.
    With much gratitude and love,
    Vincent LaManna Sn.

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