St. Boniface Martyr Parish wishes to further the faith formation of high school students.

We are all on a continuous faith journey and we would like to make available to high school some new avenues of growth,including the #FaithChat  program, and idea conceived by St. Boniface parishioners involved in our religious education program.

Plans are now underway to implement this new program, called starting in October, 2018.  Please consider helping with the continued faith formation of the young people of our parish! Contact Mrs. Croce at 516-671-0418 or stbonccd@gmail.com.

What is #FaithChat?

One of our parish’s primary missions is the fostering of a commitment to ongoing learning about our faith.

In that spirit, St. Boniface parishioners have created and wish to offer an exciting new opportunity to our young friends:  a way to continue their faith journeys by way of an idea we call “#FaithChat”.

A #FaithChat is an informal gathering specifically designed for high school students who would like a deeper knowledge of and connection to their faith and who wish to explore that faith on a more intimate level.

General Information

  • Each #FaithChat takes place once a week
    for three weeks.
  • You may choose one #FaithChat, or several
    throughout the year.
  • There is a nominal fee of $25 per #FaithChat,
    refundable only if a #FaithChat is cancelled.


Registration and Payment

1.  Registrations must be completed online at using the form below and payments are made there using Faith Direct.

2.  Payment must be made online using Faith Direct at this link:



High School students in grades 9-12 whose families are registered at St. Boniface Martyr Parish may participate in #FaithChat.

#FaithChat Registration

Form to be used for online registration to the FaithChat program at St. Boniface.

REMINDER:   Registration payments must be made online using Faith Direct at this link:

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