Streamed Masses and Devotions

Due to the health crisis, public Masses and devotions and all public activities are suspended.

Mass, without a congregation physically present, is streamed live from St. Boniface and recorded for later viewing as follows:

Sunday Vigil Mass at 5 pm Saturday evenings.

Sunday morning Mass at 10:30 am.

Daily morning Mass at 9 am Wednesday through Saturday.

Masses may be viewed live online as they are celebrated on Facebook Live, at Recordings of each Mass may also be viewed there later, and also on our St. Boniface YouTube Channel – click here – NOTE: Please click the “subscribe” button on that page, when we reach 1,000 subscribers we will be able to broadcast directly from YouTube.

Important Announcement on
Preparation for Reopening of Public Mass

The conditions on Long Island are being carefully monitored and preparations are being made. However, we do not yet have a date for reopening public Masses. Medical experts and civil authorities have urgently asked that congregate gatherings of any size remain suspended until we better understand the risks and how they are managed.
When it is determined that we can gather for Mass with reasonable safety, it will likely involve precautions that will require everyone to make sacrifices. However, the Mass is not our “personal possession”. It is a gift from God entrusted to the Church. Therefore, the dignity of the Mass and the Church’s liturgical laws must be respected and observed. Certain elements of the Mass can be adapted while others cannot because we do not have the authority to alter them. Limitations may involve facial coverings or masks, limits on seating capacity to maintain social distancing, changes to the Mass schedule to allow for cleaning, modified procedures for the distribution of Holy Communion, etc. This will involve tremendous coordination between clergy, parish staffs and volunteers, as well as training and preparation. Guidelines and protocols are being developed that will be shared with pastors. The dispensation from the obligation to physically attend Mass will likely remain in
place for a time, especially to protect the elderly and most vulnerable among us.

Click here for Bishop Barres’ full letter.