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Click here to read an update from Bishop Murphy relative to the proposed HHS mandates.


There are plans to introduce leglislation in New York to expand abortion rights. Such expansion is unnecessary and dangerous.  New York State Catholic Conference strongly opposes this legislation and urges that it be defeated.

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The proposals so against the increasingly pro-life sentiment in this country, as evidenced by the most recent Marist poll (December 2012) which found that more than 8 in 10 Americans favor significant restrictions on abortion.  The Gallup Organization (May 2011) found that only 27% of Americans believe abortion should be legal under all circumstances. The majority of American adults (61%) believe abortion should either be more strictly limited than current law or not permitted at all.

New York State remains the abortion capital of the nation with the highest abortion rate of any state. New York City’s abortion rate remains at 40%, with some geographic regions within the city at 60%.  The reality is that no woman is without ample opportunity for an abortion in New York State.  Rather than voting on a bill that will increase the tragedy of abortion, we urge policy makers to look at constructive ways to reduce abortion and truly make abortion “rare.”

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