Renovation of St. Boniface Church 1985

“The renovated church, re-dedicated on March 24, 1985, by Bishop McGann, gave St. Boniface a stronger sense of active participation in the liturgy.  Further involvement with music was encouraged, and a musical director was hired.  The involvement of scores of Eucharistic Ministers and lectors were also enlisted.

Changes in the church itself included removal of the altar rail, creation of a permanent altar facing the people, addition of a wide but shallow sanctuary and a re-positioning of the pews to bring the congregation and celebrant closer together.  The original baptismal font was relocated to the sanctuary and the tabernacle was re-positioned to a place of prominence in the sanctuary.

Architectural history was preserved by refashioning the original marble altars into a single permanent altar, a substantial base for the tabernacle, and the eye-catching face of the ambo.  Original oakleaf fretwork from the communion rail adorned the wall above the tabernacle.”

– from “Touching Lives Across a Century”, published to celebrate the Centennial of St. Boniface Martyr Parish, 1998

Program, Rededication of the Church 24 March 1985

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