Farewell, Fr. Perera

Fr. Perera’s Bishop, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ramjith, Archbishop of Columbo, has appointed Fr. Perera as Dean and Chairperson of St. Thomas Aquinas College in Columbo effective immediately.  Fr. Perera is arranging for travel to his native country Sri Lanka and will be leaving St. Boniface Martyr Church in mid-October.  A special Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated on Sunday, October 4 to thank Fr. Perera for his service to St. Boniface, wish him well in his new position, and for safe travels back to Sri Lanka.   We wish Fr. Perera farewell and congratulations!  May God continue to bless your Ministry and Priesthood!

This is a recording a of the October 4, 2020 Mass of Thanksgiving bidding fond farewell to Fr. Perera.
A Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Sunday, October 4 at 10:30 am to thank Fr. Perera for his service.

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