Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday at St. Boniface Martyr Parish.

Streamed Masses

Sunday Mass at 10:30 am, 8:00 am Daily Mass and some other selected liturgies may be viewed online live or on-demand at the following links:

  1. St. Boniface Martyr Facebook Page
  2. St. Boniface Website
  3. Free Online Church 

  • Through your generosity, the Faith Stream Ministry has been able to upgrade our parish’s streaming capabilities.  We are able to seamlessly stream more Masses.  Sunday Mass is streamed at 10:30 am and weekday Masses Monday – Saturday are streamed daily at 8:00 am. We stream other selected liturgies as announced, and families may arrange for the streaming of wedding and funeral Masses.
  • Thank you for your continued support and generosity! A huge thank you to the dedicated team of volunteers who helped keep our parish connected during the pandemic and continue to improve the streaming experience for our parishioners.

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