Ministries of Liturgy

Altar & Environment

Altar & Environment This committee helps create an environment that is conducive to worship by evoking a sense of awareness of different liturgical seasons through tasteful altar decorations and by ensuring that the church grounds are maintained.  Training provided.


  Music The members of the music ministry support the Congregation in their sung prayer and deepen the joy and enthusiasm which music adds to community worship.  In the liturgical ministry of music, parish members may assume leadership roles as cantors, instrumentalists and members of the handbell and youth ministry choirs. The handbell choir meets at 9:00 am on Sundays during the school year to practice.  No experience is necessary.   Training provided.  For more information, contact Jeff Schneider.


  LectorsThis group of men and women proclaim the Word of God at Sunday and weekday liturgies.  In service to the congregation, these ministers are instruments through which God reaches out to His people and conveys His message of love and salvation through the proclamation of His Word. This ministry demands openness to the Spirit of God, insight, careful preparation and skills of interpretation and communication.  Training provided.


Eucharistic Ministers

  Eucharistic MinistersThe members of this ministry assist the Presider in administering the Eucharist to parishioners during parish liturgies. Eucharistic ministers also distribute the Eucharist to the hospitalized, homebound and those residing in our local nursing homes.  Training provided.