The Ministry of Finance is responsible for protecting the infrastructure and financial strength and well-being of the parish through careful planning, thoughtful execution of programs and sound financial practices.  Members of the Finance Committee are appointed by the pastor.

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The following article is copied from “From the Heart”, a newsletter on Stewardship topics which appeared in our parish bulletin October 3, 1999.  It was written by former Finance Committee member Peter DeBuona.

As a member of the St. Boniface Finance Committee for several years, I find it sometimes difficult to equate finance to stewardship. Just by reading the parish directory in the weekly bulletin you become aware of the various ministries at St. Boniface and marvel at the talented people that sacrifice so much time to participate in such ministries. Each of these ministries touch so many souls and spirits. These ministries include Senior Outreach, Holy Hour, Scripture Group, Rosary and Justice and Peace.

How does the Finance Ministry fit in such a group? Finance is the science of the management of assets, including money, for a corporate body or institution. It took me a while to make the connection, but the fact is that the Finance Committee is a ministry and belongs right smack in the middle of all the organizations that care for the minds and souls of the St. Boniface family. Effectively managing the parish’s finances provides the resources for payment of ongoing maintenance such as painting the church, repairing the organ or even the reduction of long term debt. These activities ultimately benefit all the other ministries and enable them to better spread the good news. As a member of the Finance Committee, I have experienced tremendous satisfaction and witnessed many hours of debating to accomplish what is in the best interest of all parishioners. Looking back over the years, The Finance Committee appears to be serving its ministry well.