Our School Cuts Tuition, Expands Programs


Enthusiastic students at All Saints Regional Catholic School

All Saints Regional Catholic School, serving the North Shore of Long Island, has cut tuition for Nursery and Pre-K for 2013-2014, while expanding parental options for both programs with regard to the number of days they want their children to attend. Nursery parents can choose from a three-day program or a five-day program. For Pre-K they can choose from a three-day, four-day or five day-program for full or half days. The school board just approved a tuition schedule making it less expensive than all other competitive programs in the area. “We know times are tough for parents in these economic times,” said the Headmaster, Father Elias Carr, “we want to work with parents to help them educate their children in a strong Catholic environment.”

Since, last December, when Bishop Murphy implemented a new Strategic Plan for the Catholic elementary schools on Long Island, All Saints has taken a number of important steps to realize this new diocesan vision. The Very Reverend Robert Romeo, Pastor of St. Boniface and Chair of the Executive Board said, “ASR is the only school on Long Island with a priest in charge, a priest teaching and with a full time chaplain… Our goal is to be sure children are well educated and in a spiritual/ happy environment.”

The Executive Board recently adopted a new leadership model for All Saints consisting of a Headmaster and an Academic Dean, Joanne Fitzgerald, (most recently, principal of St. Edwards the Confessor School in Syosset) who, working closely with the Headmaster, not only oversees the curriculum but also ensure high standards for the total educational environment. The school’s full time chaplain is the Very Reverend Dom Daniel Nash, Can. Reg., who also teaches Latin and German as part of the new curriculum. “Studying German helps one to have a firmer grasp of English, and Latin reveals the foundation of the modern Romance Languages”, explained the Father Daniel. ASR has also adopted a very robust before and after school program, allowing parents to drop off their children as early as 7am as well as extending the day until 6 pm, because, Father Elias added, “We want to support our hardworking parents with programs to meet their needs.”

In addition to the new lower tuition schedule parents can also find additional aid through “Tomorrow’s Hope” a program that provides financial aid to parents wishing to provide a Catholic School education for their children. “There are options out there,” Father Daniel said, “Cost shouldn’t be a factor.”