Mass Schedule

Mass Schedule

  • Daily Mass is celebrated at 8 am Monday through Saturday. 
  • Sunday Mass:
    • Saturday at 5 pm;
    • Sunday at 9:00, 10:30 and 12 Noon.
  • Notes:

    a. We continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
    b. The sick or vulnerable due to age or health conditions are encouraged to remain at home.
    c. Streamed Mass: see below.

Livestreamed Online Mass

Sunday Mass at 10:30 am and some other selected liturgies may be viewed live online or recorded in the following ways:

  1. On our Parish Website
  2. On Facebook Live.
  3. At “Freeonlinechurch“.
  4. Recordings of each streamed liturgies may be viewed here.
  • When we are not streaming, other streamed Masses are available on Catholic Faith Network at or televised on Optimum 29/137, Verizon  296, Spectrum 162/471.

Health Safety Procedures:

  1. No reservations are required.
  2. Masks must be worn in the church.
  3. All entry through the main doors only. Exit via the side doors only.
  4. Please follow all markings on pews directing required safe social distance.
  5. While moving about the church, please follow the yellow arrows on the floor.   Main aisle one way up, side aisles one way down and out of Church.
  6. Although our cleaning staff does their best to sanitize the church, in addition to mandatory masks, you are encouraged to wear gloves (which should not be worn if you are receiving Holy Communion), your own sanitizing wipes, and sanitizing lotion as extra precautions.
  7. To receive Holy Communion, communicants should come forward, socially distanced (space yourself according to the spacing lines marked on the floor of the center aisle), and masked. Wait at the line marked on the floor at the head of the center aisle until the communicant before you has received before you approach the priest or minister to receive. Once you respond “Amen”, you should step aside, move your mask to the side and consume the host.

Note:  All Sunday, Daily and Holy Day Masses are celebrated
in the church building.

Website and app for finding Mass times and locations while traveling.

Doors, aisles, pews, etc. have been marked clearly as required for social distancing. Please follow all markings, signs and instructions.