Youth Ministry

Special Youth Ministry meeting zoom
Sunday, April 19th @ 7 pm with Nolan Reynolds, Director of Youth Ministry of our Diocese.  Please share with your friends to join this time to come together.  Meeting Room ID: 921-737-0728.  Please RSVP to Belinda or by commenting here. See you then!

Our Youth Group gives teens the opportunity to meet and foster lasting friendships while exploring our faith and belief.

Check us out, bring some friends, make some new ones!  Join our Facebook page “St. Boniface Youth Group“.

All are welcome!

Belinda Basaca Zeitlin:  516-676-0676;  email:

We meet on Sundays from 6 – 8 pm in the Fr. James Donohoe Parish Center.  All 8th – 12th graders are invited!

For up to date information on all of our events email to join our weekly mailing list or follow us on Instagram at STBONYG
Follow us on our  Instagramusername: ‘stbonyg’,
Join our Facebook  page ‘St. Boniface Youth Group
Email  the Youth Minister, Belinda, at
Who is your new Youth Ministry Director?
Dr. Belinda Basaca Zeitlin, MS, MD (aka “Dr. B”) is a pediatrician and has been a St. Boniface Parishioner for over a decade.  She and her husband were raised in Glen Cove and returned to the area in June 2000 to raise their now teenage boys.  She has extensive training in youth empowerment, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. She serves as member to the Pastoral Council, an Extraordinary Minister and lector and has launched several new initiatives at our Parish including the Parish Yard Sale and Christmas Around the World. As a parent and pediatrician, she has prided her professional work on being a sentinel for child protection and anti-bullying. As a child advocate, her life’s mission is to empower youth and instill leadership skills that will last them a lifetime.

Mass Schedule

Normal Mass Schedule Resumed

  • Daily Mass is celebrated at 8 am Monday through Saturday .
  • Sunday Mass our regular schedule has resumed: Saturday at 5 pm; Sunday at 9:00, 10:30 and 12 Noon.  See “Procedures”, below.
  • Notes:

    a. We continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
    b. The sick or vulnerable due to age or health conditions are encouraged to remain at home.
    c. Streamed Mass: see below.

Sunday Mass at 10:30 am and some other selected liturgies may be viewed live online or recorded in the following ways:

  1. On Facebook Live: Click here.
  2. At the following link, for viewers who do not use Facebook:
  3. Recordings of each streamed liturgy may also be viewed later: Click here.
  • When we are not streaming, other streamed Masses are available on Catholic Faith Network at or televised on Optimum 29/137, Verizon  296, Spectrum 162/471.


  1. No reservations are required.
  2. Masks must be worn in the church.
  3. All entry through the main doors only. All exit via the side doors only.
  4. Please follow all markings on pews directing required safe social distance.
  5. While moving about the church, please follow the yellow arrows on the floor.   Main aisle one way up, side aisles one way down and out of Church .
  6. Although our cleaning staff does their best to sanitize the church, in addition to mandatory masks, you are encouraged to wear gloves (which should not be worn if you are receiving Holy Communion), your own sanitizing wipes, and sanitizing lotion as extra precautions.
  7. No bathroom accessibility.
  8. To receive Holy Communion, communicants should come forward, socially distanced, and masked (please remove your mask before you receive). Once you respond “Amen”, you should step aside and consume the host.
  •  Daily Mass   8 am.
  •  Sunday Masses:  Saturday: 5 pm Vigil;   Sunday: 9 am, 10:30 am, 12 Noon.  10:30 Mass also livestreamed on Facebook.
  •  Holy Day Masses:  As announced prior to each Holy Day
  •  Special Intentions Mass:   5pm first Saturday of month

Note:  All Sunday, Daily and Holy Day Masses are celebrated in the church building.

Website and app for finding Mass times and locations while traveling.

Public Masses have resumed. Doors, aisles, pews, etc. have been marked clearly as required for social distancing. Please follow all markings, signs and instructions. No reservations required.

Feast by the Shore 2013

Great Food!Big Smile

Wonderful Live Entertainment!Ha Ha

Fun Rides!So Tired

Enjoy the First Feast of the Season!

RPL flier 2013 photo


Feast Index

Entertainment Schedule

Live Entertainment every day in the Showmobile!

Thursday, May 16th    

“Andy Aledort and The Groove Kings”, featuring Susie Oswald

Friday, May 17th  



“Six Gun”

Saturday, May 18th  





“Chicken Head”

Sunday, May 19th  



“Last Resort”


Bob Rieger

Feast Index

Location:  Tappen Beach

The Feast by the Shore is held at beautiful Tappen Beach, on the shore of Hempstead Harbor, bordering Sea Cliff and Glenwood Landing.

Feast Post Card

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Directions (click on map)

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“POP” (Pay One Price) is in effect for each day of the Feast! Your daily $25 POP ticket gets you free rides all day!

Food and Drink Directory

  • Feast Food Court:  Hamburgers, Bratwurst, etc.
  • Villa Romeo:  Meatball heroes;  sausage and peppers;  fried ravioli
  • Arata’s Hotdog Cart
  • Feast Bakery/Café:  sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, St. Rocco’s Bakery, North Shore Farms, Landing Bakery, Brookville Deli
  • Beer & Wine Garden:  featuring Bud, Bud Lite, Stella and wine

Feast Index

Feast by the Shore 2013

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Our Feast Facebook page is at

Easter Schedule

Holy Week 2013 Featured Content Banner

Holy Thursday
What happens on Holy Thursday?
March 28, 2013
9am:  Morning Prayer
7:30pm:  Mass of the Lord’s Supper (the Chapel will be open until 11:30pm for visits to the Blessed Sacrament
Good Friday
What happens on Good Friday?
March 29, 2013
9:00am:  Morning Prayer
3:00pm:  Solemn Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion
7:30pm:  Solemn Stations of the Cross (Church)
 Holy Saturday
What happens on Holy Saturday?
March 30, 2013
9:00am:  Morning Prayer
11:00am to 12 Noon:  Confession
12 Noon:  Blessing of the Easter Food (Swieconka)
7:30pm:  The Easter Vigil (Mass)
Easter Sunday Sunday
March 31, 2013
Easter Sunday Masses:   8:00am, 10:15am, 12 Noon Please join us for an Easter Egg Hunt on the field following the 10:15am Family Mass on Easter Morning!

Sacred Tridiuum:

Holy Thursday

Begins our Sacred or Easter Triduum. These are the three days that focus more deeply on the days of salvation and the Pascal Mystery. Daily Mass or Funeral Masses are not celebrated during the Triduum so that we are able to focus more deeply on the meaning and solemnity of these days. The Church gathers to celebrate Morning Prayer. Morning Prayer is, after the Mass, the most important prayer form in the life of the Church. We pray the Psalms and read the scriptures.

In the morning the priests and faithful of the Diocese gather at the Cathedral to celebrate the “Chrism Mass.” At this Eucharist, the bishop blesses the oils that will be used in the parishes throughout the year. The Oil of the Catechumens is used for those who will enter the Church at Baptism to strengthen them in their journey as a Christian. The Oil of the Sick is used by the priests to anoint those who are sick or near death. The bishop consecrates The Sacred Chrism and the power of the Holy Spirit is infused into the oil. Chrism is used at Baptism and Confirmation as well as the Ordination of a priest to anoint in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The oils are then solemnly received into the parish church.

In the evening, the Church gathers to celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. The Last Supper is the first Mass that Jesus celebrated. He commanded the disciples, as he does to us today, to do this in remembrance of Him. The Eucharist/Mass/Liturgy celebrates the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. It also makes real the fact that Jesus will be present to us, through this saving action, for all time. We are invited at each Mass to enter into the days of salvation and allow it to touch the very depths of our beings.

At the Last Supper Jesus also creates the ministerial or ordained priesthood. The Apostles were the first priests of the New Covenant so that just as the priests of the Old Testament were able to offer sacrifice to God for the people, so the priests of the New Covenant are called to do the same. This celebration also contains a “new commandment.” Jesus washes the feet of the disciples. In this action, called the “mandatum” or command Jesus teaches His followers that in order to be His disciples we have to be willing to be “servants of all.”

At the end of the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament is removed from the tabernacle and brought to another place. This offers the faithful time to pray before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. In our parish we will process to the Chapel in the Parish Center, which will be open until 11:30 pm. I invite you to sign the sheet in the vestibule of the Church so that that the Blessed Sacrament is never left unattended.

At the end of the Liturgy the church is stripped and left bare, and the Holy Water is removed as we enter

into the days of silence. The tabernacle of our church will be empty until the Easter Vigil. In a sense as Jesus was hidden in the tomb we also await the resurrection.  Return to schedule

Good Friday

This is truly the most solemn and profound of all our holy days. The great sacrifice of the life of Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins reminds us of His obedience to the Father. The death of Jesus on the cross is His body broken for our sins and His blood that washes us clean. The sadness of His death is always seen in light of the glory of His resurrection. As we venerate the wood of the cross during our Liturgy, we are called to give thanks

Now the forgiveness of our sins are remembered in the unbloody sacrifice of the Mass. On the cross we hear the cry of Jesus to the Father, “Why have You abandoned me?”  A plea that will be answered in the most profound way on Easter. We enter and leave the church in silence as we stand in awe of all that Jesus willing gave for us. As He is laid in the tomb, the Bridegroom, as described in Scripture, is taken from our midst. The Church begins her period of waiting. May that crucifixion inspire us to act in love and obedience to the will of God in our own lives.

Mass is not celebrated today, but so that the faithful are not deprived of the Eucharist Holy Communion consecrated on Holy Thursday will be disturbed. We gather at 9am to pray Morning Prayer and at 7:30pm to walk the Stations of the Cross. Return to schedule

Holy Saturday/ Easter Vigil

After 9am Morning Prayer, the Church continues her silent vigil awaiting the great news of resurrection.

At the Easter Vigil at 7:30pm, the Church competes the days of waiting and this culminated the Great and Holy Triduum. The days of waiting are about to end. God will redeem humankind in the silent hours of the night .God shakes the world from its slumber and the power of resurrection touches the world from that darkened tomb. This night we enter the Church in darkness that will be lit by the fire of the watchman who awaits the dawn of resurrection.

The Pascal /Christ/Easter Candle is blessed and consecrated and gives light to the darken church. As the candle is solemnly processed to the altar, the faithful are invited to light their Baptismal candles. The church is filled with the light of Christ and those who have, through Baptism, dedicated themselves to continue the work of Jesus. The great Easter Proclamation or Exsultet is sung announcing the great and wondrous work of Jesus.

The readings that are read are a highlighting of the history of our salvation, beginning with the creation of the world. The Holy Water is blessed and the faithful renew the promises made at Baptism. Any adults seeking entrance into the Church are baptized at the Easter Vigil. At the Gospel acclamation we hear the great “Alleluia” heard for the first time since Lent began. It is the great story of the empty tomb, which we have waited these 40 days to hear. To distinguish the glorious celebration of Easter and the joy in hearing the Alleluia again, we shall sing it before and after the Gospel. At the end of Communion the Blessed Sacrament will again be solemnly placed in the Tabernacle.  Return to schedule

As you can see, these days are filled with ritual, symbolism and joy. They tell the story in a profound way the work of our redemption and salvation. I encourage you to participate as much as you can in these days of prayer and joy.

May your Holy Week fill you with the presence of God’s love and a deep sense of prayer and thanksgiving.  Return to schedule

New Year’s Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve:  Monday, December 24, 2012
4pm Celebrant: Fr. Bob
6:30pm Celebrant: Fr. Azubuike
12 MidnightCelebrant: Fr. BobThe St. Boniface Christmas Pageant
will take place on December 24, 2012
after the 4pm Mass.
Christmas Day: Tuesday, December 25,  2012
Celebrant: Fr. Bob
10:15am Celebrant: Fr. Bob
12 noon Celebrant: Fr. Bob
New Year’s Eve: Monday, December 31, 2012
5pm Vigil Mass
Celebrant: Fr. BobNew Year’s Day: Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Feast of the Solemnity of Mary (Holy Day of Obligation)
8am Celebrant: Fr. Azubuike
10:15am Celebrant: Fr. Bob