Youth Ministry Virtual Connect


✅ Want to stay connected with other teens but can’t get out, or don’t think you have the time?

✅ Need a place to share YOUR story of how you are doing during this pandemic?
✅ Need prayer for yourself or a loved one?
✅ Want a safe place where you can ask questions about your faith?
✅ Want an opportunity to win gift cards to Starbucks and Choppers Burger Bar?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then please join us for our new monthly virtual zoom – St. Boniface Youth Connect!
What is St. Boniface Youth Connect?
It is a place where teens can meet new people, grow friendships, and draw closer to God.
It’s a place where teens talk and adults listen.
It’s also a place where teens can plug into the Word of God and prayer with the support of the church.
This event will be lead by
Guest Youth Minister & Confirmation Catechist Sally Doulton
For dates and log in info/RSVP email us at:
You can also check the St. Boniface Youth Group Facebook page for the upcoming dates.
We look forward to meeting all of you and hearing about your lives and questions about your faith.
See you there!
Our Youth Group gives teens the opportunity to meet and foster lasting friendships while exploring our faith and belief.

Check us out, bring some friends, make some new ones!  Join our Facebook page “St. Boniface Youth Group“.

All are welcome!

Belinda Basaca Zeitlin:  516-676-0676;  email:

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Who is your new Youth Ministry Director?
Dr. Belinda Basaca Zeitlin, MS, MD (aka “Dr. B”) is a pediatrician and has been a St. Boniface Parishioner for over a decade.  She and her husband were raised in Glen Cove and returned to the area in June 2000 to raise their now teenage boys.  She has extensive training in youth empowerment, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. She serves as member to the Pastoral Council, an Extraordinary Minister and lector and has launched several new initiatives at our Parish including the Parish Yard Sale and Christmas Around the World. As a parent and pediatrician, she has prided her professional work on being a sentinel for child protection and anti-bullying. As a child advocate, her life’s mission is to empower youth and instill leadership skills that will last them a lifetime.

St. Boniface Religious Education Registration 2011-2012

Religious Education Registration
for the 2011-2012 will take place at church after all Masses on the weekends of June 12th and 19th.
Please print out the Registration form, below, complete it; bring the completed form and a copy of your child’s Baptismal certificate if they were not baptized at St. Boniface Martyr Parish. Any questions please call the Religious Education Office at
516- 671-0418.
The fee for this year’s program is $90 per child, $180 for 2 or more children per family.  Cash or checks will be accepted and must be provided at registration. Please make sure to fill in your Parish ID number located on your offertory envelopes.   If you are not registered to the parish please contact the Parish Office prior to registration.

Registration will take place after all the Masses on the weekends of June 11,12 & June 18,19

Please complete the form below and bring any necessary paperwork and fees with you.  No forms with incomplete information, missing baptismal information or missing fees will be accepted.


Last Name: _______________________  **Parish ID Number (From envelopes): _____________

Fathers First Name: ____________ Mothers First Name: _____________ Mother’s maiden name:___________

Mailing Address: ______________________________


Home Phone Number: ______________________      Additional Phone Number: (cell, work): _______________

E-Mail Address: ________________________________________

***Volunteer: (Catechist, Assistant, Attendance Help, Other): _________________________________________

1. Child’s Name: ___________________________     Grade:___________  Birth date: ______________

*Baptismal Church: ________________________      Baptismal Date: ___________________________

2. Child’s Name: ___________________________     Grade:___________  Birth date: ______________

*Baptismal Church: ________________________      Baptismal Date: ___________________________

3. Child’s Name: ___________________________     Grade:___________  Birth date: ______________

*Baptismal Church: ________________________      Baptismal Date: ___________________________

4. Child’s Name: ___________________________     Grade:___________  Birth date: ______________

*Baptismal Church: ________________________      Baptismal Date: ___________________________

*If child was not baptized at St. Boniface Martyr Parish and this is a new registration please attach copy of Baptismal certificate.

**Parish ID is on your Offertory Envelopes.  If you do not get envelopes you must check your Parish registration status with the Parish Main Office at 676-0676 before registering for Religious Education, Thank You.

***Volunteers are necessary for a successful program.  Please volunteer in some capacity, Thank you.

Program Choice:

After-school program meets Tues. (gr. 1-3)-3:45-4:45pm; Wed. (gr. 4-5)-3:45-5pm; Thrs. (gr. 6,7,8)-7 to 8:15pm

After-school program (grades 1-8):  ______                

Family Program meets every other Sunday from 9 to 10am.

Family Program (available for grades 1 through 6 only): ___________

Fee: $90 per child – $180 max per family (Sacrament Fees extra)

PARISH USE ONLY: PAYMENT INFORMATION: _______________________________________________