Youth Ministry Virtual Connect


✅ Want to stay connected with other teens but can’t get out, or don’t think you have the time?

✅ Need a place to share YOUR story of how you are doing during this pandemic?
✅ Need prayer for yourself or a loved one?
✅ Want a safe place where you can ask questions about your faith?
✅ Want an opportunity to win gift cards to Starbucks and Choppers Burger Bar?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then please join us for our new monthly virtual zoom – St. Boniface Youth Connect!
What is St. Boniface Youth Connect?
It is a place where teens can meet new people, grow friendships, and draw closer to God.
It’s a place where teens talk and adults listen.
It’s also a place where teens can plug into the Word of God and prayer with the support of the church.
This event will be lead by
Guest Youth Minister & Confirmation Catechist Sally Doulton
For dates and log in info/RSVP email us at:
You can also check the St. Boniface Youth Group Facebook page for the upcoming dates.
We look forward to meeting all of you and hearing about your lives and questions about your faith.
See you there!
Our Youth Group gives teens the opportunity to meet and foster lasting friendships while exploring our faith and belief.

Check us out, bring some friends, make some new ones!  Join our Facebook page “St. Boniface Youth Group“.

All are welcome!

Belinda Basaca Zeitlin:  516-676-0676;  email:

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Who is your new Youth Ministry Director?
Dr. Belinda Basaca Zeitlin, MS, MD (aka “Dr. B”) is a pediatrician and has been a St. Boniface Parishioner for over a decade.  She and her husband were raised in Glen Cove and returned to the area in June 2000 to raise their now teenage boys.  She has extensive training in youth empowerment, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. She serves as member to the Pastoral Council, an Extraordinary Minister and lector and has launched several new initiatives at our Parish including the Parish Yard Sale and Christmas Around the World. As a parent and pediatrician, she has prided her professional work on being a sentinel for child protection and anti-bullying. As a child advocate, her life’s mission is to empower youth and instill leadership skills that will last them a lifetime.

STRENGTH – a Paintball Day Retreat for Youth


POSTPONED until early Autumn: Stay tuned for new date!

STRENGTH: A Paintball Retreat
A fun opportunity for all entering 9-12 graders
to be a part of the St. Boniface Martyr Youth Group
and learn more about yourself and your faith!!!!

I can do all things through Christ, who gives me STRENGTH (Phil. 4:13)

Schedule of the Day’s Events

9:00am Check In at Parish Center Introductions, Opening Prayer, Games,

Lunch (please bring a bag lunch)

12:00 Leave for Paintball at High Velocity

4:30 Return for 5:00 Parish Mass

Pizza Diner

Closing Prayer and Activity

8:00 Pick-Up


What to Bring/Wear

  • – Bagged Lunch
  • – $40.00 cash or check made out to St. Boniface Martyr
  • – Old Sneakers and Socks
  • – Gym Shorts and t-shirt  (to wear before and after as well as underneath your outfit for paintball)
  • – While playing wear: Old baggy pants, baggy sweatshirt, baseball cap or winter cap, optional gloves, optional layers.  Basically anything that can help absorb the paintball.
  • – A plastic bag to put dirty clothes in afterwards.
  • – Masks and other paintball equipment are provided.

*Indoor arena is air-conditioned.

*Paint washes off

Ha HaPaintball Waiver – please print, complete and return this waiver
to the Parish Center by August 14

Feeling Good  St. Boniface Permission Slip – please print, complete and return this slip
to the Parish Center by August 14

Contact Information:

Chris Mandato
Youth Minister
Office phone: 516-676-0676 (Do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions or concerns)

High-Velocity Paintball
235 S Fehr Way Bay Shore, NY
(631) 242-2096  

Who is St. Boniface?

This great apostle of Germany was born in England, between 672 and 680.  When he was small, some missionaries stayed a while at his home.  They told the boy all about their work and impressed Boniface because they were so happy and excited about bringing the Good News to people.  Boniface decided in his heart that he would be just like them when he grew up.  While still young, he went to a monastery school to be educated.  Some years later, he became a popular teacher.  When he was ordained a priest, he was a powerful preacher because he was so full of enthusiasm.

Boniface wanted everyone to have the opportunity to know about and love Jesus and his Church.  He became a missionary to the western part of Germany.  Pope St. Gregory II blessed him and sent him on this mission.  Boniface preached with great success.  Once, to prove that the pre-Christian gods were false, he did a bold thing.  There was a certain huge oak tree the local people believed was sacred to their gods.  In front of a large crowd, Boniface struck the tree with an axe.  The big tree crashed.  The people were enlightened when realized that their gods took no action against Boniface.

In his lifetime, Boniface converted great numbers of people.  In place of the statues of the pagan gods, he built churches and monasteries.  In 732, the new pope, St. Gregory III made Boniface an archbishop and gave him another mission territory, Bavaria.  He and some companions went there to teach the people about Christianity.

Then, one day, he was preparing to confirm some converts.  A group of armed inhabitants swooped down on the camp.  Boniface would not let his companions defend him.  “Our Lord tells us to repay evil with good,” he said.  “The day has come for which I have waited so long.  Trust in God and he will save us.”  The warriors attacked, and Boniface was the first one killed.  He died a martyr on June 5, 754.  His wish, stated in his will, that he be buried at the famous monastery he had started at Fulda, Germany were carried out.

Did St. Boniface invent the Christmas Tree?

The specific origin of the Christmas tree is lost in the distant past.  It may have started when pre-Christian rituals involving evergreen boughs were merged with Christian celebrations and beliefs.

It seems to be generally recognized that the people who lived in what is now Germany were the first to develop the tradition of the Christmas tree.  One tradition is that when Boniface cut down the famous oak tree that he was surprised to find a fir tree growing in its place.  The fir was thereafter associated with the primacy of the Christian faith.

Martin Luther is credited with first placing candles on the Christmas tree.  He spent a great deal of time walking through the forests of evergreen conifers thinking through his beliefs.  The candles are said to have represented the stars he saw through the trees.

ASR Catholic School Open House Jan 29







Our parish school, All Saints Regional Catholic School , welcomes you and your family to our open house on January 29, from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

A.S.R. provides an enriching educational experience for children from Nursery through Grade 8. All Saints Regional Catholic School, founded in 1990, serves Nursery through Eighth Grade students from the Long Island, New York parishes of St. Boniface Martyr, Sea Cliff, St. Hyacinth, Glen Head, St. Mary, Roslyn,

St. Patrick, Glen Cove and St. Rocco, Glen Cove.  We seek to educate our students within a family-centered Catholic community.  We commit ourselves to Gospel values as we seek to develop our students’ intellectual gifts and foster their spiritual growth.  Our aim is to prepare our students to lead creative and productive lives which contribute to the growth of both God’s kingdom and our nation.

Everyone is encouraged to attend our annual Open House on January 29th.

For more information on ASR see our web site at or call the ASR office at  516-676-0762 to arrange for a private tour of the school.

All Saints Regional Catholic School promotional video



Our Church Windows

The following are descriptions of our church’s eight transept window that depict historically accurate events from the life of St. Boniface Martyr, whose feast day is June 5.  The photographs were taken by photographer Carol Griffin of Sea Cliff.

Click on each of the thumbnail images to see enlarged photos. (All photos by Carol Griffin)